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Head Over Heels by Sara Downing
Hand On Heart - sequel to Head Over Heels


There's more to life than high heels...

Thirty-something teacher and professional shopper, Grace, has a passion for shoes. In fact they were responsible for her meeting her partner, Mark, when she speared his foot with one of her dangerously sharp heels whilst running for a train.

Mark is the other passion in her life, or so she thinks... But when the cracks in her champagne lifestyle start to appear, Grace begins to see her blond and sexy boss, Tom, in a different light. This one-man woman, who doesn't 'do' affairs, suddenly finds herself in the midst of the sort of tangled lifestyle she has only read about in the celeb pages.

How can retail therapy and even the comfort of her vast shoe collection help her out of this dilemma?


Hand On Heart is the long-awaited sequel to Sara Downing’s Kindle Top 100 Bestseller, Head Over Heels.

Six years on and the friends are all older – although not necessarily wiser. Evie’s once devoted husband, James, is going through a mid-life crisis which threatens to tear the family – and their business – apart. Teenage angst from their two daughters only adds to Evie's dilemma.

Evie puts all her hopes into their upcoming holiday to France, with good friends, Grace and Tom. But when a past love comes back to haunt Tom, with potentially life-changing consequences, he has his own choices to make.

Will the holiday bring Evie and James closer again? Or is two families under the roof of one chateau, for two whole weeks, simply a recipe for disaster?

Box Set JPEG.jpg

Books 1 and 2 from the Head Over Heels series, together in one box set. Over 600 glorious pages of reading for just £3.99!

(The Box Set is only available for Kindle.)

A Head Over Heels Christmas Kindle Cover


Evie, Grace and Alex – plus their husbands and many offspring – descend on the beautiful Italian city of Florence for a magical Christmas.

The three couples are excited for their winter break – and all for different reasons. Evie and James haven’t seen their eldest daughter, Immy, for months, and Evie hopes the trip will smooth relations between James and Immy’s French boyfriend, Pascal. Alex and Mark can’t wait to have their five children back together under the same roof for the first time in ages. And Grace and Tom are simply looking forward to their first overseas trip in years with their ten-year-old twins.

The stage is set: a few days of sightseeing around the famous galleries and museums, exploring the backstreets of the Medieval city, cosy bistro lunches, and the pièce de résistance, Christmas dinner at a luxury hotel. It’s all going to be so perfect…

But Evie and James’ world is about to be rocked. Immy has some news, which none of them could have seen coming. As the Christmas spirit flows and old friendships are renewed, can the friends help Evie and James come to terms with the changes to their family, or as the snow begins to fall, is it the end of life as they know it?


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